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In the near future > 50% of a company’s workforce spend will be on the external workforce

But procurement of services remains the largest dark pool of undermanaged spend

1. Reduce maverick buying
The challenge:

The buying of contract workers and service providers is often a grey zone. Hiring managers bypass procurement

Issues & Risks:
  • Disparate processes and tools
  • Intransparency, inefficiencies and human errors
  • Time-consuming reconciliation if data is needed
The solution:

A central self-service for hiring managers to request and source any type of service or contingent work across the company

  • Collaboration features for stakeholder communication and seamless integration into ERP and buying systems
  • Empowerment of stakeholders to source autonomously with full compliance and transparency
  • Standardized and holistic view on all external services and workers
2. Avoid worker misclassifications
The challenge:

Incorrect status determination or deployment of external professionals: Illegal labor leasing, pseudo self-employment

Issues & Risks:
  • Personal criminal liability and loss of reputation
  • Administrative fines, social security contributions, back taxes
  • Unintended transition of temp workers or contractors into permanent employment
The solution:

Automated compliance check procedures, approval workflows and anomaly engine to monitor risks

  • Compliance risk scores and immediate assessment results
  • Proper worker classification and contractual recommendations
  • Scheduled compliance checks, monitoring and triggering of alerts
3. Be prepared for audits
The challenge:

Regulations and standards like GDPR, PCI or HIPAA require safeguarding of sensitive data and privacy

Issues & Risks:
  • Inaccurate and divergent external workforce data
  • Non-compliance with regional tax, labor or privacy laws
  • Without keeping an audit trail fines or legal actions are impending threats
The solution:

Convenient recording of all inputs, modifications and decisions. Proof of proper process implementation

  • On-demand availability of all documents, approvals, signatures and more
  • Meaningful insight into all activties across the project timeline with easy access to greater detail
  • Clearly defined user roles and permissions (need-to-know principle)
4. Track your extended workforce
The challenge:

Many industries are forced to handle confidential information and must defend against security threats

Issues & Risks:
  • Loss of know how or stolen assets
  • Security breaches (espionage or sabotage)
  • Quality and compliance risks
The solution:

Triggering and monitoring of on- and offboarding processes, expiring documents and recording of former work engagements

  • Master worker records of both SOW and contingent workers in one place
  • Automated on- and offboarding checklists
  • GDPR-compliant tracking of former assigments
5. Automate manual burdens
The challenge:

Onerous sourcing processes utlizing a mix of spreadsheets, emails and phone calls

Issues & Risks:
  • Repetitive, manual tasks
  • Time consuming RFP process: E.g. comparing providers in Excel lists
  • Operational friction due to inefficient, decentral stakeholder communication channels and media breaks
The solution:

Consumerized shopping experience that enables sourcing of services and contingent work at the speed of business

  • Near touchless sourcing process through self-serve model
  • Side by side comparison of proposals and benchmarking with past orders
  • Husle free journey from request to engage, including supplier matching and intelligent routing
6. Cut 'time-to-fill'
The challenge:

Finding the right supplier or talent for a project is often too time-consuming

Issues & Risks:
  • Email ping pong between stakeholders
  • Business can’t wait: Maverick buying
  • Lose out on top talent to faster competitors
The solution:

Prequalified talents, usage of job posting or SOW templates and auto-distribution to preferred suppliers

  • Job posting or SOW templates that guarantee consistency and quality
  • Recalling of proven high performers, alumni and project- or time-based workers and tiered supplier distribuiton lists
  • Faster approvals due to increased avenues provided via email
7. Assure competitive rates
The challenge:

Poor standardization, completeness, quality and relevance (or lack) of taxonomies and catalogues

Issues & Risks:
  • Inconsistent application of job levels, multiple version of the same job title resulting in supplier complaints and noncompliance
  • Overpaying for less qualified talent, market rates largely informed by suppliers
  • Lack of standardization prevents side by side comparisons
The solution:

Streamlined workforce taxonomy and services catalogues, fully aligned to the needs of your business

  • Rate card mangement based on standardized job profiles and project/service patterns
  • Cost of a worker or deliverable can be meaured against market benchmarks and defined rates
  • Enforced rate card compliance: Limited overwriting of negotiated rates
8. Keep running costs under control
The challenge:

Ballooning budgets due to a lack of cost monitoring

Issues & Risks:
  • External service provider’s invoices do not match PO
  • Overpayments and budget overruns are detected too late
  • Budget shortages result in insufficient project outcomes
The solution:

Comprehensive overview of as-is budget comsumptions and extended workforce spend

  • Costs per PO line item and resource including all revisions
  • Intercompany cost allocations and task codes
  • Transparency into payment history and spend per project type or supplier
  • Invoice import and matching to the appropriate suppliers, cost centres and projects
9. Validate work and get better quality
The challenge:

No reaction on delivery failures: Quality of work and progress against milestones is not tracked sufficiently

Issues & Risks:
  • Scope creep and unsatisfactory work go unchecked
  • Costly rework causing budget overruns
  • Missed deadlines put project and budget at risk
The solution:

Get what you pay for: Open feedback on SOW compliance and job performance

  • 360 degree survey for teammates, suppliers and stakeholders. Or keep it simple: 5 star direct evaluations
  • Real-time insights to respond quickly if issues surface
  • Option to implement performance-based fee arrangements
10. Hire based on proven track record
The challenge:

Re-hiring of service providers who have not met performance or quality standards

Issues & Risks:
  • Personal bias
  • Intransparency, missing track records
  • Insufficient level of expertise and experience in a particular topic
The solution:

Leverage past experiences: Enhanced decision making based on proven qualification and passion

  • Merit, skill and experience-based supplier and candidate matching
  • High performing, passionate talent at your fingertips
  • “Do not re-hire‘ flags if work is unsatisfactory

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