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Outerscore Gateway:

The single entry point for any external service or worker requisition across the company. No further decision wizard, but score-based contractual recommendations, process governance and supplier matching

Pulse Checks:

Scheduled, automated pulse checks for suppliers, workers and hiring managers to assure compliance, task assignment & completion and regular feedback during ongoing engagements

Anomaly Engine:

Track compliance against predefined criteria in real-time across assignments, workers and suppliers. Automatically spot issues with classifications, pay rates, max. tenure, certifications, trainings, performance and many more. Automated document review

Guided On-/Offboardings:

Digitized on-/offboarding workflows including self-disclosures, document up- or downloads. Automated validity checks, electronic signatures and many more. Fully configurable fields, workflows and event triggering

Audit Trail:

Convenient recording of all inputs, modifications and decisions. Proof of proper process implementation. Easy access to greater detail and on-demand availability of all documents, approvals, signatures and more

PII & Data Retention:

Full data ownership for suppliers and workers to maintain compliance with GDPR. Configurable data retention periods to pyseudonymize and anonymize personal identifiable information (PII) automatically

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