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Service Procurement

Transform the way your company sources, buys and manages external service providers. Wheater you are aiming to manage a multi-million dollar consulting project, marketing agencies, IT service providers or a recurring outsourcing service fee: Outerscore digitizes all necessary workflows to manage deliverable-, milestone-, unit- or T&M-based service delivery from start to finish. Using e-commerce design principles and self-services, we build an intuitive platform that sets new standards and assures buy-in of all stakeholders.

Contingent Workforce Procurement

Streamline how flexible labor like temp workers and independent contractor are found, engaged and managed in compliance with internal policies and external regulations. Determine worker status, guide hiring managers to the right labor type, automate request management with a standardized workforce taxonomy and tiered supplier distribution lists. Our solution supports side by side comparison and evaluation of all candidates as well as on-/offboardings or time tracking integrations.

Supplier Profile Management

We help suppliers and buyers to become true partners offering intuitive, automated processes and sharing real-time status updates. Buyers are able to connect with suppliers already in their network, sync with ERP systems or invite new ones to join. Build individual onboarding processes including self-disclosures, document up-/downloads, expiration date tracking, signatures or supplier master data validation. Enhance supplier search and matching with continuously updated track records.

Talent Management

Outerscore’s talent management solution allows you to build a database of all available resources, skills and experiences in your network. No matter wheather they are tied to a contingent or SOW work order or an additional profile that was added to your talent pool. Even workers, who were not ordered through the system can be tracked for compliance like pay parity or tenure limits, security, on-/offboarding tasks or automated document reviews.Create full visibility and keep records of all former engagements while considering data privacy.

Select your modules:

All the essentials to foster collaboration and increase visibility on your extended workforce

Real-time Dashboards

Select metrics you want to track. Configure how to display the data

Notification & Document Center

Foster stakeholder communication: All your to-dos, messages and documents in one place

Audit Trail

Meaningful insight into all activties across the project timeline with access to greater detail

Attribute-based Access Control

User role and permission management. Apply ‘need-to-know principle’

Workflows & Approvals

Build streamlined process workflows. Define serial | parallel approval steps

Pre-Build Connectors

Our platform easily integrates with your existing tech ecosystem via APIs

A centralized place to request and source any type of service or contingent work across the company

Guided Buying Configurator

Decision tree that guides hiring managers to the right contract type. Enforce internal policies

Compliance Check Builder

Support worker classifications with smart algorithms considering project specifics

Work Schedule Planner

Define shifts per country, site or BU. Automatically link recorded time with applicable rates

Workforce Taxonomy Builder

Create consistent naming and descriptions for your key categories of non-employee workers

Job Posting Templates

Save frequently used job postings as templates: Link with applicable rates and supplier distribution lists

SOW Builder

Build templates composed of different modules. Define the required level of detail per deliverable or service

Automate complex sourcing processes and create a consumerized shopping experience

RFP Engine

All necessary features to run even complex RFPs with a few mouseclicks

Screening Question Library

Leverage consistent screening questions across the company

Smart Supplier Matching

Our algorithms autosuggest the best matching suppliers for your service requests

Supplier Q&A Managenent

Invite stakeholders to respond to specific supplier question and manage confidential questions

Compare & Evaluate Dashboard

Frictionless collaboration. Jointly evaluate and compare proposals based on defined rating grids

Shopping Cart Order Workflow

E-commerce design principles: Virtually no training required both on buyer and supplier side

Monitor contractor, supplier and SOW compliance. Evaluate project satisfaction on various dimensions

Worker Profile Management

A single system of record that shows all SOW and contingent workers in one place

Supplier Profile Management

Up-to-date supplier profiles with all relevant information like staff or former work orders

Pulse Checks

Run scheduled pulse checks. Be it on compliance or larger surveys on project performance

Guided On/Offboardings

Define individual on- or offboarding workflows that trigger emails to the responsibles

Anomaly Engine

Brings issues with SOW compliance, worker tenure or more immediately to your attention

Change Orders & Versioning

Recording of former versions of orders | proposals. Access to details highlighting changes

Real-time insights on project progress, spend-to-date, planning accuracy and budget adherence

Rate Card Management

Build up service catalogues. Align rates to roles, skills, levels, locations

Rate Benchmarking

Build-in capabilities to compare with market rates or similar project patterns

Internal Cost Allocation

Intercompany cost allocation and detailed cost types and codes per PO line item

Milestone-based Tracking

Status updates, overall budgets, actual expenses and planned or unplanned deviations

Time Sheet Integration API

Contrators can submit or upload timesheets. Approve and access all timesheets in Outerscore

Invoice Matching

Track invoices and payment against initial agreements and subsequent change orders

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