Outerscore & Hays Partner to Bring Superior Workforce Management to Midmarket Clients

Over the past decade not only large enterprises but also mid-sized companies have experienced exponential growth in the use of contingent labor and services. But best-in-class technologies for managing externals have been out of scope for these businesses due to high implementation costs, lengthy deployment timelines and resources required to run a professional external workforce management.

To address these potential roadblocks, we’re excite to share news about our partnership with Hays Enterprise Solutions. This cooperation allows us to bring integrated workforce management solutions to midmarket clients. Hays Enterprise Solutions works with clients to design and build their own custom contingent workforce program and manage vendor partner relationships.

By providing a central platform that supports hiring managers navigating to the right type of service or talent Outerscore’s easy-to-use platform gives program managers, vendors and clients the ability to manage all kind of services: Temp, independent contractors and SOWs in a single platform. A fully integrated SOW management module, situated alongside with other types of contingent workers, provides full visibility into the total non-employee workforce to assure compliance and transparency. The VMS solution is very modular and composable, offering self-services to configure the system and shorten deployment timelines.

Outerscore’s integration capabilities (based on field matching tables with common systems like SAP MM, Ariba, Success Factors and Workday) allow joint clients to use data from across departments and systems to make better strategic decisions and collaborate.

Hays Talent Solutions’ market-leading and renouned MSP expertise paired with Outerscore’s modern, user-friendly technology will improve business outcomes for a broader base of clients.

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