Outerscore completes SAP Master Data and PO Integration

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We are trilled to announce that we have teamed up with SAP experts over the past months to provide customers with a seamless integration that connects SAP with Outerscore. The integration is aimed at helping mutual clients to achieve full visibility on their service suppliers and service procurement transactions. Through the integration, customers can pull master data directly out of their SAP ERP system into Outerscore and keep everything in sync. This saves a significant amount of time and improves data integrity by eliminating manual data entry or CSV file uploads/transfers. Additionally, a REST-based connector for the transmission of transactional data (purchase orders) was created. It provides data of all service procurement transactions in Outerscore to SAP while playing back a PO number.

Use Cases

In the simplest scenario, clients can transfer foundational data into Outerscore:

  • Cost centers
  • Statistical internal orders
  • Vendor master data like company name, address, supplier ID, VAT or Tax ID, ..
  • Vendor account managers and contact details
  • Linked company codes, purchasing organizations
  • Supplier block or deletion flags

Customers also requested to synchronize purchase orders which originate in Outerscore with their ERP system. With our new API the following transactional data can be submitted to SAP before receiving back a PO number:

  • Material group
  • Cost center and cost types, accounting category, cost allocation
  • Vendor ID, vendor material number
  • Company code, purchasing group, purchasing organization
  • Currency, exchange rate
  • Unit, Quantity, Price per Unit
  • Date, Items schedule, Sequence ID, Owner


Outerscore’s SAP connection was build with specific capabilities to submit both master and transactional data. It enables purchasing, IT and finance departments to:

  • Integrate with SAP using a pre-packaged API
  • Easily exchange master data records on a scheduled basis to query from SAP and update Outerscore
  • Keep SAP up-to-date in real time as transactions happen in Outerscore
  • Keep supplier records updated since vendors enter all data on Outerscore’s supplier side
  • Log all transactions via the API
  • Receive real time success messages or actionable error logs from SAP

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