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By the end of the 20ies around 50% of a company’s workforce spend will be on externals

– Ardent Partners

The external workforce is a key driver of competitive advantage

Are you ready for a New World of Work?

What if there was a Vendor Management System that delivered…


Proactive risk management and compliance with local tax and labor law


Full and instant visibility into the external workforce, strategic insights

Higher Efficiency

Significantly lower cycle times and reduction of administrative, manual burdens

Cost Savings

Depending on use case, yearly savings of 5-15% can be expected

Greater Impact

20% higher work quality index score
by using performance scores

Welcome to Outerscore:
Tab into the power of your flexible workforce.

Get real-time insights and answers to key questions:

  • Who has worked for you?
  • Who has hired them?
  • What exactly are they doing?
  • How satisfied are you with their work?
  • Are you paying the best rates for them?
  • Are you compliant with company policies, local tax and employment law?
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External Workforce – Service Providers

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What makes Outerscore unique?

Most comprehensive compliance management

Outerscore offers the most comprehensive compliance management technology for contingent workforce and SOW on the market. Guided buying processes and compliance scores assure that you are in line with your local tax and labor laws.

Most comprehensive performance management

When using contingent workforce or professional service providers it is important to regularly monitor their performance. Outerscore offers a revolutionary supplier experience management module to make sure you that get what you paid for.

Cutting edge technology

Outerscore features a microservice IT architecture which allows you to adjust the software easily to your individual needs. The software was build with a focus on APIs and uses latest database and search technologies like Elasticsearch.

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Outerscore Features

Mitigate compliance risks

Use an integrated guided buying workflow for your external workforce (Temp, Contingent) and service procurement (SOW). Outerscore calculates risk scores on the details authorities investigate in an audit, including working relationship and contractors’s business structure (self-disclosure).

  • Configurable, branched guided buying logic
  • Configurable compliance check questionnaires
  • E-Signing and internal approval workflows
  • Automated alerts (e.g. nearing deadlines, todos)
  • Audit track, access for external law firms

Track and manage your external workforce

Free yourself from decentralized spreadsheet chaos and transform the way you manage your external partners. Outerscore provides you with a single, centralised home for all data on externals: From temp staff to SOW-based consultants to freelancers, gig workers, contractors and more. Get a complete, real-time view of who’s working on what, down to skills, cost and quality of work.

  • Instant access to track records as a basis for decision-making
  • User- / role-specific dashboards, tables and views
  • Filtering by: Compliance risk, locations, skills, budget, …
  • Configurable reporting and alerts, notifications

Avoid manual burdens and automate processes

Automate the entire process of engaging flexible labor and external service providers. Set-up custom workflows like approval chains, onboarding or RFx and easily route and track tasks.

  • Configurable user roles and access/edit rights
  • Decision-based workflows and approvals
  • Microservice architecture to customize modules
  • Dynamic generation of templates like: SOW, RFx, surveys, …
  • Bulk administration & separate supplier system access

Realize savings that far outweight costs

Our platform offers powerful features to get on board the best people for the optimal price. Get a clear top-level view on the cost of various skills and deliverables and drill down into details. Create the basis for cost reduction measures and rate renegotiations. You’ll be surprised to see how easily our software pays for itselve.

  • Configurable RFx or onboarding features
  • Tracking of budgets and milestones
  • Compare tools
  • Traceability and version history

Motivate for maximum impact

When using professional service providers or flexible labor it is important to regularly exchange feedback and monitor performance. Our supplier experience management module provides you with a revolutionary tool to track performance and improve cooperations. This allows you to respond quickly when early warning signs occur and bring projects back on track.

  • Configure category-specfic survey templates
  • Select modules like job setup, compliance or performance
  • Differentiate by team, supplier or stakeholder view
  • Drill into reconciliation results to determine root causes
  • Share supplier experiences